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Ebook author, spiritual teacher, Tantra Masseur for women, Youtuber, entrepreneur
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Sessions & Massages with Danji

I am a spiritual healer and tantra massage expert.
Having done over 800 Tantra Massages & healing sessions mostly with women
I help you grow spiritually but i can also fulfill special desires or fantasies.
I did several sessions with 2 or more women at the same time. This is especially interesting if you are bicurious or bisexual and you want to deepen a connection with another women.
The energies that you will experience are mindblowing :-)

I have the unusual ability to feel energy blockages and old emotional traumas and release them in my sessions

Contact me to book a session

Travel and/or Live with Danji

I am looking for several bisexual women between 18-25 that want to travel and live with me in beautiful places.
Expenses are paid for.
You should be spiritually inclined, curious about tantra & connected with nature.
Contact me for more information. If you also have a female friend who wants to join even better
Places we visit are Mexico, Thailand, Bali, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Philippines, Portugal and much more