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reincarnation and real love in afterlife

When you meet the real love person on the Earth, christians say, that you will meet him/her in heaven to be together forever. So what about reincarnation? You will see your loved person only in this life on Earth and after reincarnation you start a new life?

Answer By Danji
reincarnation is a misunderstood concept. We actually never die. We are unlimited awareness without birth or death. Everything is one.
So you cannot have ONE REAL LOVE. it actually is something that gets triggered in the body where love shines through within the body towards a person but
in reality it is just your pure love which you already are that just shines through. This is even possible to feel if there is no other person because
it is our most natural state of being. So love is always there towards everything you just have to uncover it.

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