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Ebook author, spiritual teacher, Tantra Masseur for women, Youtuber, entrepreneur
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Ebooks by Danji

My ebooks give you quick usable practical tools to improve your life tremendously as fast as possible
Most are only a few pages long but give you all you need to know to get the job done.
If you are interested in other languages just let me know i will be glad to publish a translated version

  • Basics of Energy Healing Yourself
    Learn the fundamentals of why your body is out of alignment and how to bring it into energy healing mode again
    (this is not medical advice. for information purposes only. Always consult a doctor)

  • Open & Follow Your Heart
    Powerful Exercise on how to open your heart and follow your heart.
    Could potentially support you with energy healing breasts and lung problems
    (this is not medical advice. for information purposes only. Always consult a doctor)

  • Fix your sleep
    Lots of people have trouble with sleep in modern times. I explain exactly what you need to do in order to get back into normal sleep patterns.

  • Escape the Matrix ("you are love")
    Understand your soul evolution and learn to transform your life by understanding why you incarnated. Open the curtain and see life from a new perspective

    (coming soon)
  • Manifest all your desires
    Do you live the life you truly want to live or are you living a limited life?

    (coming soon)
  • How i grew a highly profitable dating website without budget from 0 to 600,000 members in 3 years
    Are you an entrepreneur on $0 budget. I will show you in detailed way how to grow your project.

    (coming soon)
  • Secrets of Women
    I have done over 800 tantra massages with women. sometimes with 2 women at the same time. Here i reveal many secrets about women
    that women don't even know themselves

    (coming soon)
  • How to get women to chase you
    Its becoming increasingly difficult for men to attract women. I explain the psychological underpinnings of that and how to turn that around.
    So women become increasingly interested in you

    (coming soon)
  • How to get men to chase you
    Women are in tremendous competition. But as they compete they miss the obvious to attract good men.

    (coming soon)
  • Correct Healthy Eating in Modern Times
    Wether you are overweight, have eating trouble, or are a fitness junkie. Here you will learn basics to improve your eating

    (coming soon)
  • How to successfully launch your own ebook business
    I will show you the most important things to setup. I know authors who worked a year on a book. Took thousands of dollars of writing courses.
    In the end they only made a few hundred dollars with their books. I will show you how to avoid all this and make it work from day one

    (coming soon)