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I am looking for Bisexual Girls to live with me and travel all over the world in one or two camper vans.
You must be interested in spirituality, yoga, nature, tantra massage
I speak Espanol, Italiano, Francais, English, Deutsch, Cesky

If you love traveling, yoga, nature, receiving tantra massages and enjoying life this is for you :-)
If you are the typical instagirl wearing tons of makeup worrying how you look this is not for you ;-)

Instagram or Whatsapp: +420770626831

English Youtube Channel
Cadena Espanol Youtube

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About Me
I am an spiritual teacher & energy healer
I love yoga, nature, travel, tantra massages and everything beautiful
I have done over 800 Sessions with women in healing & pleasure sessions

About You
You must have time. I am not interested in stressed people.
You must be a woman and bisexual. You must want tantra massages. You must be between 18 and 27.
What you will experience a hasslefree lifestyle & great places and great massages.
What you have to bring: spiritual interest and wish to experience tantra massages.
Do you have to pay for it: no. all necessary things will be paid for. food, expenses etc.
Can you bring a female friend? yes. The limit is 5 women traveling & living with me.
You must be willing that we post videos and photos of the trip and massages on social media.
Normally my Tantra Sessions cost hundreds of euros per hour. On this trip you receive them for free. :-)
Your starsign is ideally: Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer. I will take others into consideration but not Leo signs. I am cancer sun sign, cancer ascendent, leo moon

When do we start?
Lets chat first a bit and see if we are compatible
As soon as coronavirus travel restrictions are easing up a bit we could start